7th Annual

Irrational Economic Summit

October 10–12, 2019

Gaylord National Conference Center

Three days of insights from DC Insiders and Wall Street’s brightest to help you survive, and profit from, the looming chaos facing the U.S. and global economy.

America 2020: The Real State of the Union (and Economy)

The most important election of our lifetime wasn’t 2016. It will be 2020! By then the U.S. (and the world) will be facing a recession of epic proportions. Who wins the 2020 election and which party carries Congress will have a huge impact on your retirement nest egg, investment portfolio, and savings. That’s why we’ve chosen Washington D.C. as the site of our next Irrational Economic Summit. Over the course of 3 days, you’ll hear from popular DC insiders and Wall Street’s brightest analysts about where to invest, where NOT to invest, how to protect your wealth, and how to navigate your business and investments through the chaos.



Confirmed Speakers With Valuable Insights To Share, Stay Tuned For New Speakers Being Added Regularly:

Harry Dent

Dent Research

David Stockman

Charles Street Research

JC Parets

Charles Street Research

John Del Vecchio

Dent Research

Adam O’Dell

Dent Research

Rodney Johnson

Dent Research

Charles Sizemore

Dent Research

Lance Gaitan

Dent Research

Lee Lowell

Dent Research

Past Speakers

Over the years we’ve featured an incredible amount of top-notch speakers. Including:

Neil Howe

Author & Managing Director of Demography, Hedgeye Risk Management

Dr. Lacy Hunt

Executive VP, Hoisington Investment Management Company

Howard Lindzon

Co-Founder & Chairman, StockTwits

Brendan Kennedy

CEO & Co-Founder, Privateer Holdings

Stephen Sandford

Author of The Gravity Well

George Friedman

Chairman, Geopolitical Futures

Andy Swan

CEO & Founder, Likefolio

Lou Basenese

Founder & Chief Analyst, Disruptive Tech Research

Richard Smith

CEO & Founder, TradeStops

PJ O’Rourke

New York Times Best Selling Author, Journalist & Political Satirist

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Attendees Say

The conference has been amazing. I believe that Lacy Hunt, as well as Rodney and Harry talk over warnings that people should be aware of, as well as just the people have been very hospitable and attentive. I recommend it to anyone

Jonathan E.

Its life changing as well as informative. It’s absolutely thrilling… Meeting the people, Harry, Rodney and the rest of the panel has been absolutely amazing. I would absolutely recommend that any of my peers come to an event like this.

Brian S.

This has been a phenomenal experience. When you have the caliber of people and participants that we have… this is phenomenal. You can’t pay enough to get the kind of knowledge and transfer of information that you get here.

James M.

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

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